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About me

Who I am and what I do

Hey there! My name is Steven van de Graaf, and I am a twenty-one-year-old graduate student from Barendrecht, The Netherlands. In June 2017 I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree (Cum Laude), with a major in physics, mathematics and computer science, from University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, The Netherlands. As of September 2017, I am a graduate student in Artificial Intelligence with Utrecht University in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Liberal Arts & Sciences and Artificial Intelligence

BSc, University College Roosevelt

In September 2014, I started my undergraduate studies in Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University College Roosevelt (UCR in short) in Middelburg, The Netherlands. In June 2017, I obtained by Bachelor of Science degree (Cum Laude), with a major in physics, mathematics and computer science (and a minor in education). As far as extracurriculars are concerned, during my time at UCR I was also involved in the community. This took shape in being the Chairman of our Academic Affairs Council (2016-2017), as well as in being the Chairman of our Teaching and Learning Society (2014-2015), but also being the Design Manager of the University magazine Tabula Rasa (2015-2016), as well as being a member of the IT-Team (2014-2016) and the treasurer of the End of Term Party Team (2015-2016).

MSc, Utrecht University

In September 2017, I started my graduate studies in Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University (UU in short) in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In my graduate studies, I will focus on intelligent agents, exploring the logical modelling and programming involved, including the application of intelligent agents and multi-agent systems. I am set to obtain my Master of Science degree in June 2019.

Work Experience

Sales marketer, teacher, programmer


I have been working at OutdoorXL, an outdoor and camping retail store (with a webshop) in Barendrecht, The Netherlands since February 2013. There I have fulfilled many positions and performed various tasks over time, starting out as a sales person, while now I am performing more administrative tasks, as well as VBA programming and supporting our E-commerce. All these activities aim to increase revenue and profits, either by boosting sales, or by streamlining the various business processes that take place under the hood.

CSW Van de Perre

In the 2016-2017 school year, I interned as a physics teacher at the CSW Van de Perre high school in Middelburg, The Netherlands. This teaching internship was a part of my educational minor, and as such I taught physics classes to 12-16-year-olds on a weekly basis. While working with my mentor, I independently prepared and taught these classes, according to the curriculum of the students.

University College Roosevelt

Next to my undergraduate studies, I worked as an IT student assistant for University College Roosevelt. As an IT student assistant, I monitored the IT facilities within the campus premises, as well as improving them by means of useful updates and upgrades. My main responsibility, however, was aiding both faculty, staff, and students with their various IT-related problems.


At RET, the main public transport operator in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, I worked as a Junior VBA programmer for its engineering department. At RET, I automatized processes within the realm of Microsoft Excel files. I implemented the goals of stakeholders, analysed the variety of tasks at hand in order to come with a particular solution in the form of a macro.

Leadership Experience

Education and Scouting

Academic Affairs Council UCR

The aim of the Academic Affairs Council (AAC) of University College Roosevelt is to safeguard and improve education at UCR by taking the position of intermediary between students, faculty, and university staff. During the 2016-2017 academic year, I was the Chair of this organization. As Chair of the AAC, I represented students in the Board of Studies, worked in close contact with the Dean, Management, Heads of Department, Director of Education, and other student organizations. I set the agenda, chaired our weekly meetings, monitored regular activities as well as long-term objectives, helped my board members where needed and ultimately managed the board and its general functioning.

Board of Studies UCR

The Board of Studies is a body that continuously assesses the quality of the curriculum at University College Roosevelt to ensure the high standards of education offered at this institution. During the 2016-2017 academic year, I was a student representative in thisn governance body. As a student representative, I represented the academic needs and opinions of the student population. I worked closely with the Dean, the Director of Education and the four Heads of Department to set and conduct academic policies, and handling all academic matters within UCR.

Scouting Jhr. Beelaerts van Blokland

For four years, since September 2013, I volunteered as a Scout Leader at Scouting Jhr. Beelaerts van Blokland in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. As a Scout Leader, I organized fun and useful events for a group of 11-15-year-olds, stimulating them to improve both on a personal level, and on a professional level. Every week, together with my team, we organized events in which cooperation, purposefulness, creativity and skills are at the core of what we did. For example, we organized the JOTA or Jamboree On The Air, an international scouting event where scouts from all over the world can communicate with each other and share experiences.

Hobbies & Interests

What I like to do and catch up on in my spare time


Cooking definitely is one of my favorite pastimes, ever since I moved out of my parents' in late 2014. I enjoy cooking in general, but when I get too cook for friends or family is when I like it most. Burgers are without a doubt my specialty, but I do also make some mean pastas, curries and stir-frys.


Since the summer of 2016, together with a good friend of mine, I started making cocktails, both for myself and for friends. In the past year or so, I have acquired the necessary equipment, spirits and liquors to make it all happen. While I do prefer to keep my cocktails fairly simple (in terms of the number of different spirits / liquors) with the likes of the mojito, cuba libre and the dry martini, it is definitely my Long Island Iced Tea that takes the cake!


Not too long ago, I started reading again, and have been doing so since. I read mostly (political) philosophy, history and other non-fiction.


As I have been an active scout since 2001, as well having worked at an outdoor retail store since 2013, it should come as no surprise that I enjoy the outdoors. As such, I like to travel, hike and mountainbike, for example.

Interests & Causes

Without a shadow of a doubt, to me, education is the most important cause there is. A lot of interests and activities like scouting, tutoring and being a student representative are (subconsciously) all a manifestation of this belief. Next comes technology. I have been interested in (and at times fascinated by) technology for a long time, and as such, I keep up with the latest news and reviews on everything technology. Another big interest of mine is politics (and debating), both Dutch and international. While this interest only developed late in high school, it has become a key interest of mine since. Most recently (and perhaps most importantly), however, I have become interested in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. After a lot of reading, watching videos and speaking with like-minded friends on the topic of AI, I have become convinced that AI will change the world as we know it. As such, I am dedicating my future academic (or professional) life to it, starting with my graduate program at UU!